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Listening Room Concerts

We've celebrated two years of Concerts in our downstairs 'listening room!' It has been a great space for travelling Artists to come together and share their craft with us! Past performers include Chuck Pyle, Dana & Sue Robinson, Dana Cooper, Ellis, Ashleigh Caudill, Lonesome Traveler, The Steel Wheels, Sweet Talk Radio, Justin Roth, LJ Booth, Chris Kokesh, Sally Barris, Don Henry, Carrie Elkin, Arthur Lee Land, Beth Wood, Amy Speace, The Mulligan Brothers, The Haunted Windchimes, Jonathan Byrd, The Stray Birds, Danny Schmidt, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, Ana Egge, Barnaby Bright, Chad Elliot, Finnders & Youngberg, Greg Trooper, Moors & McCumber, with more upcoming! Check out the Reverb Nation Calendar Above for upcoming shows!

Special Events

4th and Main has proudly hosted numerous weddings and special events over the years. With our spacious facilities, both upstairs and in our downstairs Listening Room/Banquet hall, we have the space and the amenities necessary to help you create a memorable and effortless experience.

You can use the form on our Reservations page to provide information about your event, including the occasion, the date, how many people you expect, and any particular dietary or drink requirements. Alternatively, email us or give us a call to schedule your special event.

If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and take a look at our facilities. We are always willing to show you around and show you what we offer.

Thank you for choosing 4th and Main, the premiere location for all your special event and wedding needs.